Google Money Review

Google Money is a money making system that allows you to make money from home, quickly and easily. Today, I will try to give you a fair, unbiased Google Money Review.

I started using a system called Google Money about a month ago. I saw some ad online that was promoting it, and at first, I thought it was like every other ad, but something caught my attention. Instead of telling me that I could make hundreds of dollars per day, this ad told me I could make between $50-$75 per day, on average. This doesn’t really seem like a lot, but imagine getting an extra $75 tacked on to your paycheck every week. It would be pretty nice, right?

Google Money Review

I would have to rate Google Money as a 8/10.


  • Google Money was very easy to start making money with.
  • Low maintenance everyday
  • Fast learning curve
  • Decent money


  • Not hundreds of dollars per day
  • Takes a small amount of time to get up and running
  • Not very scalable

All in all, I’d have to say that I would highly recommend Google Money to anyone that is just starting out in Internet Marketing. This is a great way to learn the ropes of advertising and working from your home, and you will learn lessons that will help you out greatly in the long run.

Google Money Review

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