How Can I Make Money with Google

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, and wanted to put together a simple answer for those of you that may be wondering “how can I make money with Google?” Yes, it is true. Hundreds of thousands of people receive a cheque each month from Google, and now you can join them. The best part is, there’s very little work involved for you.

To clear one thing up before I continue – No, you are not becoming an “employee” of Google. And no, Google is not going to pay you to work from home. However, by helping promote some of Google’s programs, you can make money.

Step 1 in order to make money with Google, you need a website. This could be a simple blog through a publishing tool such as Blogger or WordPress. It could also be a corporate website, or a small business site that you sell products and services through. If you already have a website, then congratulations! You are one step closer. If not, there are plenty of different hosting services available that can let you up a site very cheaply, or even for free. Aim to get your site set up without having to spend anything, after all, the point here is to make money!

Step 2 is signing up for the Google AdSense program. This places Google’s sponsored ads on your very own website. You can make money with Google each time one of the ads on your site is clicked, although the amount you make per click will change depending on the ad. The ads put on your site will be related to the written material on your site, so if you want ads to appear with the highest payment per click, I’d suggest a little bit of research. Then you can focus your website’s content around these topics and keywords. Google provides easy-to-follow instructions to get AdSense set up on your website, and even if you’re not a developer, you should be able to set AdSense up quite quickly.

Step 3 is probably the most important when you’re wondering, how can I make money with Google? Now you’ve got your website, and you’ve got ads appearing on it. These ads need to be clicked on to make you money, and who does the clicking? Visitors to your site! This is why attracting traffic to your website is very important if you want to make money through AdSense. Doing your own online marketing is an easy way to attract more traffic. If your website is for a business, you can have it listed in business directories to help visitors find it. If you use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, you can make posts that link back to your site, literally directing the traffic right to your ads!

If you’ve been one of the many people out there thinking “how can I make money with Google?” you now have your answer. Google AdSense is an easy way to earn a little extra cash, whether it’s through an existing website, or a new one you’ve just created.

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